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  Phobos3 EP 12"
Endorphin Records

The Bizarre One
Almost Black
Sound and Shape
Slowing Down
- Preview Wav file [450kb]
Colour of Skies
  Melody for Sleep CD
Nameless Records

Fortuna - Preview Wav file [450kb]
Crazy Reenie
Invisible Spirits
The Priest
Shadow Cut
Looking in the Mirror
Backward Falling Stars
Melody for Sleep
Thick Smoke Rising
Voyage to Mexico
Looking for a Place to Die
Various Compilations Featuring Phobos 3
  Yellow 6 / Source: Remix CD / LP
Endorphin Records

Including: Onecertain [Phobos3 Remix]

Various / Bedroom Ambience 3 / Audio Wonderland 2 CD
Enraptured Records

Including: Phobos 3 / Stars of Secrecy
Elixir / Lullaby for Llew