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Following the theft of their studio gear after the release of the first Elixir album, Steve and Richard decided to go back to their roots and plugged their guitar and bass in. With Martin adding the necessary beat technology, the Phobos 3 side project was formed.

Sounding a cross breed between breakbeat and guitar based space rock, the first material was released in 1999 on Endorphin records, the more experimental dance offshoot of Enraptured Records. The debut Phobos 3 E.P. was a 5 track 12" which was described as "swirling atmospheres of exploratory beats" and "a deeply layered collection of breakbeat symphonies".
Following the release of the second Elixir album, the trio reverted back to Phobos 3 mode and began recording tracks for what would hopefully be the debut Phobos 3 album.

During that time, various remixes has been done, including one which will feature on the forthcoming Yellow 6 remix album due out on Endorphin in the summer 2002 and a remix of an old track from U.S. spacerock duo, Windy and Carl. A split 12" with Hyperdriver is also due out on Endorphin soon where each artist has an exclusive track as well as that track being remixed by the other.

An exclusive Phobos 3 track also appears on the latest "Bedroom Ambience 3" compilation which is due for release in summer 2002 on Enraptured Records.

The first Phobos 3 album, "Melody for Sleep" is also due for release in May 2002 on a new London based experimental label, Nameless Records with a single in the pipeline for later in the year.